Been on holiday in Benidorm this September (2014) and as well as having a fabulous time, I ran into two old pals I knew very well from my clubland days in the North-East of England. Needless to say, Grace and I intend to return there as soon as we can. I took a few photos, which I have added to this page - but also included a few items from two of the local free papers, which are printed in English for the benefit of the tourists, and they are great to read about what you could be missing on your holiday. The WEEKLY BUZZ, and the ROUND TOWN TIMES are essential to look out for in Benidorm, and I found our copies at the fantastic indoor market opposite our great hotel...the NEREO. I'll be adding stuff to this page regularly - and if you have anything that visitors would find interesting please send it to me by email, especially news and photos of cabaret artistes out there!

BENIDORM! What a great place to be on holiday. It has the fabulous beaches; It has beautiful places of interest; It has the best entertainment running constantly from around 6pm. to 1am. You'll be shattered when you get home - we certainly were - because the acts are just too good to resist! The place has great shopping too, if you're looking for a bargain.  


Got to tell you, I was reunited with two clubland pals going back to the seventies, and it was great to catch up with what they've been doing all these years. They're regular entertainers on the Benidorm club circuit - CHIC SMITH and JASON KANE.

 Dave Keegan's ELVIS is just about the best I've seen for a long time. The whole show was great, appearance and voice were excellent, and the light effects were really spot on. Enough here to keep any Elvis fan satisfied!


Grace and I managed to get along to the Comedy Club to see old North-East Clubland favourite comedian, OLIVER. I never got to see him at home, but friends told me many times how they enjoyed his act many years ago, and now I have seen him, and he's very good.       Our favourite, though, was DANNY DOWNING. He had us both belly-laughing with tears in our eyes at his antics whilst pretending to be a phsycopath. Brilliant lad.                               Hope to see Crissy Rock next time we come to Benidorm, it'll be a nice change to see a female comic.