This website is dedicated to Guitarists, all musicians, and all the North-East Club Acts I have known over the last four decades. We had great comradeship and had a smashing time during the golden years of clubland, wish we could do it all again!!!?

Welcome to Dave Watson's Guitar Land site for all Musicians and Artistes who entertained audiences in all the Social Clubs in the North East, and across the whole of Britain. I have created this site to remember all those entertainers I knew and did shows with from being only 21 years old. I'm 73 now, and know that lots of us are still around to share the memories. Visit the CLUBLAND PALS page to see over a 100 photos of many singers, comics and musicians. (You might even be there yourself!) There are many we have lost touch with, and if that's you please send me your old handout photos and let us know how you're doing! All pics sent to me of club acts will be put into this page.  

 Visit the GUITAR GALLERY page to see some tasty pics of guitars and basses, belonging to me and my friends. There is always space for more interesting guitar photos.

I've started a new page dedicated to all the artistes doing the clubs in Benidorm. I was there last year and found it a bit like North East Clubland was in the 70's and 80's, lots of our acts are making a living there now. See BENIDORM ACTS page for news of some old pals, and I will be there again this year to get more news and pics of what's happening. You can, and I do every few days, checkout the activity at the fantastic 'Rock and Roll House' - the top place to go in Benidorm - as they have a Facebook page showing lots of live video of great singers and musicians.

There's a JUKE BOX on this home page, playing my own sound recordings of songs and instrumentals, and tracks sent in by club pals, so there is a good variety of stuff to listen to, with Male and female singers, well known comedians, Bands and instrumentalists too! Just click on the arrow for playing all through, or select tracks individually. Send me your tracks and I'll put you on the juke-box!                                             

Thanks all you visitors to my site, it has achieved 5000 Hits! 

 TRACK LIST; 1:Rawhide, 2:It's Been a Blue Day, 3:The Stranger, 4:Going Home, 5:Up on the Roof, 6:The Road to Hell - Dave Watson. 7:Back to Black - Marilyn Martin, 8: Terry King (comedian). 9: Frank Wappat on Radio Newcastle. 10: Out of Time - Recall. 11: Bob Ritchie (comedian). 12: Max Ford (comedian). 13: The Cowboys - Dave Watson. 14: German for Beginners - Dave Watson. 15: You're in the Army Now - Flingel Bunt. 16: Ghost Riders - Terry Hart. 17: Don't Talk to Him - Terry Hart. 18: Cavatina - Geoff Grant. 19: I Remember You - Geoff Grant. 20. Will you still love me tomorrow - Warren Young

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