This website is dedicated to Guitarists, all musicians, and all the North-East Club Acts I have known over the last five decades. We had great comradeship and had a smashing time during the golden years of clubland, wish we could do it all again!!!?

Welcome to the website which is designed to remember all of the Social Club Entertainers of the sixties, seventies and onwards. In the golden days club artistes could be working seven nights a week and a sunday morning, and some of us made a living out of it. This is a fond reflection of days when clubs were packed every weekend, and many on weekdays too, and of the acts who played their part in the social scene of the day.  

CLUBLAND PALS page shows pics of many acts that I knew and worked with as a guitar vocalist, Dave Watson, for 12 years, and previous to that I was in many groups, such as The Oddfellows, Pipeline Incorporated, The Flock, Paul & Tracy and The Russelles, The Atlantics, and more recently the 60's band Recall. Lots of memories here of great bands, solo vocalists and comedians, some of who are no longer with us but we all know we will never forget them.

GUITAR GALLERY shows a range of guitars and basses belonging to myself, and pals.

There's a JUKE-BOX which plays recordings of many of our club act pals, and a list of the tracks is shown further down the page. It seems to only work on Windows based computers, and not on iPads or Androids.


 At the moment, Juke-Box Tracks are as follows;

1. CALIFORNIA BLUE - Noel Curtis.  2. PRETTY WOMAN  - Noel Curtis  3. GOING HOME - Dave Watson  4. ROAD TO HELL - Dave Watson  5. TERRY KING (Comedian)  6. FRANK WAPPAT Radio Show  7. OUT OF TIME - Recall  8. BOB RITCHIE (Comedian)    9. MAX FORD (Comedian)  10. THE COWBOYS - Dave Watson  11. IN THE ARMY NOW - Flingel Bunt  12. RIDERS IN THE SKY - Terry Hart  13. DON'T TALK TO HIM - Terry Hart  14. I REMEMBER YOU - Geoff Grant  15. IN DREAMS - Noel Curtis  16. CRYING - Noel Curtis 


 If you were a club act during those great years, and have a print hand-out  photo please scan it and send it to me - and I will feature it on the CLUBLAND PALS page. Also, a recording if you have that too, to go onto the JUKE-BOX. Email them to


Sound tracks and artiste photos will change now and then as I have a limited ration of web-space to use, so have to use a rota system - and some I take off for a period will come back on again.